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KeeperŪ Starter Set

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KeeperŪ Starter Set
KeeperŪ Starter Set
KeeperŪ Starter Set
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A good start!

Keeper® Starter Set (3 models available) include fly rod, fly reel, backing, balanced fly line and a leader. Everything is ready and pre-spooled, you just select a fly from the complimentary fly box, tie it to the end of the leader and you are set to go. Of course, practising on a field or on a lake shore without a fly (use some visible wool or similar instead) is always recommendable. Four piece dark grey rod has a smooth medium action and is extremely easy to use. It comes with a protective Cordura tube. Bright yellow floating fly line is visible (makes practising easier) and matches perfectly for the rod. Black fly reel has a nice brake and plenty of space for your backing and fly line. Fly box includes a couple of flies so that you can start fishing immediately, although after a while you will end up either buying some new flies or you will start tying your own flies. Polarized sunglasses are a must for all fly fishermen. They will help you see under the surface while fishing (good for spotting some active fish and finding a safe route while wading), but more importantly they will protect your eyes from rogue flies - yours or your fishing pal standing next to you. De-barbing your fly hooks is always a good idea - you will loose very few fish for using barbless hooks but it will make you life so much easier if you have to remove a fly for example from your ear.

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Models and Specifications
Model Length Line Leader Brins Reel Backing Quantity Price
KK48645 8'6'' #4-5 Included 4 4-5 Included
KK39056 9'0'' #5-6 Included 4 5-6 Included
KK49678 9'6'' #7-8 Included 4 7-8 Included